Top 13 ways to stay sane while self-isolating

13 ways to de-stress while self-isolating

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to start self-isolating. Being forced to stay home can make some people become anxious and stressed out from feeling trapped indoors.

Here are the top 13 ways to stay level-headed during this stressful time, counted down.

13. Start a work-out routine.
According to Health Canada the average person should be getting active for a minimum of 2.5 hours per week. If you don’t feel comfortable going outside to get some exercise, you can try at home work-outs instead. There are a lot of options online that allow you to use your body-weight. You can also use objects found around your home to substitute for weights if you need a more intense work-out. Another way to stay active is to follow fitness influencers on their social media sites for more routine ideas.

12. Get started on your spring cleaning.
Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or emptying your garage. Cleaning out clutter is a great way to pass the time and keep your mind off the pandemic. If you need some help figuring out ways to sort through your clutter, YouTube has many videos showing how to Marie Kondo your home. You can also watch the Netflix show Tidying up with Marie Kondo for more pointers.

11. Dress for success.
Have you been spending all your time with your hair in a bun, no make-up on, in your pyjamas? We know Drake thinks we’re the prettiest that way, but it’s time to change it up. Getting ready in the morning can give you something to look forward to waking up to do. Put on some nice clothes, do your hair, throw on some lipstick. Getting yourself back into your everyday routine can help you feel less anxious.

10. Get creative.
Pull out your canvases, sketch books, paints and drawing tools. There are so many tutorials on YouTube to give you ideas on what to paint and draw. Are you feeling a creative block? Behance has a 30 day drawing challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

9. Read a new book.
Grab the book you’ve been dying to read that you haven’t had time read. If you don’t own any books you haven’t read, try buying an online book. You can even sign-up for Audible if you’d rather read on the move.

8. Take an online course.
Is there a certification you’ve been thinking about getting? Google Digital Garage offers a variety of certifications courses online. If photography is more your thing, check out Nikon’s online school. They’re offering all their photography courses for free for the month of April.

7. Start a blog.
If writing in a diary isn’t your thing, why not try a blog. It can be a great place to express your opinions on whats going on in the world today. You can start your own personalized blog with WordPress for free.

6. Video chat with your friends / family.
You don’t have to have an iPhone to FaceTime with your friends and family. Android phones now have apps like WhatsApp that allow you to make video calls. You can also sign-up to use Zoom on your computer to communicate with multiple people at once.

5. Have a self-care day.
A great way to de-stress is to pamper yourself. Some ways to “treat yourself” are to take a bath, give yourself a manicure or even use a face mask. If you don’t have any self-care products at home, you can find DIY versions on Pinterest.

4. Get cooking.
There’s nothing better than a home cooked mean. So get out and buy the ingredients for your favourite meal and get cooking. If you’re not Canada’s Next Top Chef, no need to panic. GoodFood and HelloFresh boxes can turn the most novice cook into a chef.

3. Play games with you friends at a distance.
You don’t have to own a game console to play games with your friends online. Jackbox Games offers social distancing games you can play online.

2. Visit a museum or aquarium online.
The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum offer a majority of their collections online for you to browse through. Even Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada gives you a look into their “Dangerous Lagoon” through their shark live camera.

1. Explore the world of music.
Tuning the world out with music is a great way to de-stress. Why not try listening to a new genre of music. Spotify has over 3 billion different playlists for you to dance to, sing along with or even cry to.

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