How people cope with boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic

Playing games, holding virtual parties and learning new skills among tactics some are adopting

Mateo Garcia's new gaming setup.
Mateo Garcia invested $1,300 on a new gaming and streaming setup to cope with self-isolation. Sean Olegario/Toronto Observer

With the closure of non-essential services because of COVID-19, most people having more free time than they are used to. Finding out how to cope and combat the boredom for such a long time indoors can be difficult.

“Since this pandemic started I’ve had a lot more free time to work on things I would usually overlook for being too busy,” student Mateo Garcia said. Garcia also works at Costco and is identified as an essential worker.

“Things at Costco have drastically changed and it’s all about health safety. We as workers have a health screening before the start of every shift and are required to wear a face mask,” said Garcia.

“There are times when I get bored at home, so I’ll go out for a run or hop on and play video games.”

Garcia has invested in creating his own gaming and streaming setup. He bought a custom computer and monitor on Kijiji for $1,300. The seller was kind enough to throw in a keyboard for free.

Garcia has been playing online party games and League of Legends, as well as holding Netflix viewing parties with his friends.

Salar Putros has been coping by exploring his artistic side.

“I have been listening to more music from a broad spectrum of regions,” Putros said. “Specifically Korean music, Afrobeat, and British grime.”

Putros has been playing video games as well, but he genuinely enjoys practicing a new skill.

“I’ve started to enjoy drawing in particular,” Putros said.

Putros usually works with his father at his cafe, but because of COVID-19, his dad works alone, working only on takeout orders.

Terry Manzi, an employee at The Source, finds himself in a fortunate position. He worked at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre location before the closures. He was offered an opportunity to work at home and has been doing so since.

“Well, I was extremely blessed,” Manzi said. “I’m still getting paid by my job, so I don’t really have to worry about too many things .”

He tries to keep himself occupied with photo editing and hanging out with his roommates when he’s off the clock. He said it’s important to enjoy yourself, especially when you’re alone because we won’t have someone around all the time.

“Being able to find yourself, find your own hobbies, and do things that you’re able to do on your own time that can make you happy and keep yourself in a good mood is important,” he said.

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Posted: Apr 23 2020 8:57 am
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