Sneaky Dee’s stays open another day

Restaurant to remain open for now

Inside Sneaky Dee's
A fan watches as Out of Reach slays on stage at Sneaky Dee's, Feb. 1, 2019. The band had merchandise made beforehand.  Trevon Smith/Toronto Observer

Sneaky Dee’s, one of Toronto’s last standing punk rock restaurants, has survived a demolition scare after a condominium proposal.

An unknown developer had sent in a building application early September for several addresses, including the restaurant on College Street. Torontonians took to Twitter to voice their concern over the possibility of losing another cherished place.

Sneaky Dee’s, like many places, only recently reopened due to COVID-19 as Toronto fights to keep its restaurant industry alive with social distancing guidelines.

The front of Sneaky Dee's during the day
Patio action at Sneaky Dee’s

Toronto city councillor Mike Layton may play a big part in the final outcome of the restaurant. Sneaky Dee’s location falls with Layton’s Ward 11. He quickly replied to settle any concern that it was already as good as gone.

One user decided to take the matter into his own hands creating a campaign. The host of Toronto Today, Mark Slapinski quickly took action to unite fans and quickly grab 12,000 signatures. The hashtag SaveSneakyDees can be seen on many of the tweets of others who have also signed the petition in unison with Slapinski.

“I play music in Kensington Market and try to support my scene where I can I also frequented places like Hideout and Silver Dollar, which have been closed, ” Slapinski said in an email. “I feel losing Sneaky Dee’s would be a symbolic blow to our already dying music scene, The goal was 100,000 – however, the 10,000 plus signatures shows the degree of support this particular venue has.”

Sneaky Dee’s fans also have the good news that there are possible issues with the application received by the city. The current proposal is several stories too high for any building in that area ( nine stories ) with the proposed height of 13 stories tall.

For now the public waits to see the final fate for Sneaky Dee’s rallying together to keep both their nachos and emo night alive and well.

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Posted: Sep 20 2020 2:20 pm
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