Spanish comedy brought to your home for Valentine’s

A night dedicated to love, heartbreak, romance and fun

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More than 350 people watched the comedy show online. 

A stand-up comedy show in Spanish was held online on Feb. 12 with comedians from several South American’s countries.

With Valentine’s day as a theme, the Latino community and other Spanish speakers were able to enjoy a moment that turned a regular night into a night of laughter and entertainment.

“I really enjoyed the event, I wanted to get my mind out of the daily routine and the stress of work,” said Natalia Gonzales, who attended with her partner via Zoom.

Gonzales also called it a supportive gesture towards the comedians, as comedy has been affected like every other business in the entertainment industry. Some comedians took the event to reinvent themselves and try new things.

Comedians perform in Spanish in Zoom session.

“We decided to stop seeing the pandemic as an obstacle and started to look for ways to see it as an opportunity,” said comedy show organizer Juan Cajiao, who is also co-founder of Malpensando, a public speaking and comedy school. “We decided to operate online to see what would happen, and to our surprise our business actually grew.”

More than 350 people from all over the world joined the event.

“Families that are physically separated watched the show together,”‘ Cajiao said. “The feedback was amazing and our experience as comedians was great too.”

The success is leading them to perform a second show.

To attend the next one, follow the link to get your ticket.

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Posted: Feb 19 2021 7:13 pm
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