Bourque’s strengths are turning Moose heads

Manitoba defender improving in 2nd year of pro

Trent Bourque and Moose teammates
Trent Bourque and teammates celebrate in the corner after a goal against Stockton in a recent game in Winnipeg. Bourque's improvement has caught the organization's attention.  Jonathan Kozub, Manitoba Moose photographer.

Manitoba Moose defender Trent Bourque is looking to improve upon a strong first year in pro hockey.

The 22-year-old spent most of last season with ECHL squad Brampton Beast where he accumulated 20 points in 42 games.

Some of his strengths on the ice have already been noticed in his short time with the Moose this season. 

“He can skate really well, the points they will come. He is not really a point guy, but they will come just because he can play at this level,” said Manitoba Moose video coach Richard Bue, in a media availability Tuesday afternoon. “He can skate, he is smart, and he can move the puck.”

Last year was one of Bourque’s most productive seasons, and self-confidence was a catalyst for that. 

“Last year was my first year of pro, and I think what helped was more self-confidence because the guys I played with last year were such a good group that it was just easy to play with them and learn,” said Bourque, in an interview Tuesday.

In the ice time he has had this season. The left-handed defenceman has produced three assists in the six games he has played so far. However, one of his biggest strengths has been his ability to skate and move with and without the puck.

He may have some genetics to thank for that. 

“Could be good genetics. Who knows?,” said Bourque. “I have a distant cousin who was an Olympic speed skater, an uncle that was a pro football player and another uncle who was an NHL player, so definitely got some athletic legs in the family.” 

The Winnipeg Jets affiliate Moose are fourth in the ECHL Canadian division but could move up at any time with one point separating the top four teams. The move from Brampton to Manitoba can be challenging, especially for someone who has only ever been to B.C. and Ontario but nowhere in between but winning can help smooth it. 

“I have never been between Ontario and B.C., so kind of first time out here, and I love it so far,” he said. “It is a new experience, a new adventure. I mean, the guys have also been so welcoming, and it’s a great group, so it’s been a lot of fun.” 

The 2017 sixth-round draft pick of the St. Louis Blues is looking to keep advancing in the system and so far, is starting strong.

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Posted: Mar 10 2021 9:39 pm
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