Need base runners? Call USF’s Megan Pierro

Bulls infielder a master at find her way to first

USF Bulls infielder Megan Piesro
Bulls infielder Megan Pierro has amassed an on base percentage of .600 this season.  USF softball

Getting on base is half the battle when it comes to competing in NCAA D1 women’s softball.

For second baseman Megan Pierro, that’s the part of the game she excels most in.

The University of South Florida infielder leads her team in on-base percentage, doing it at a remarkable .600 clip, and there is no secret formula.

“I try just to keep it simple when I get up to bat,” said Pierro, in a Zoom interview this week. “And I just have that mentality and know that if I can get on base right here, it’s going to help my team.”

This doesn’t come as a coincidence, as she has been putting in the work outside of game action.

“This has been the last week and a half where we kind of made a little change to her approach, and her eye is so much better now” said assistant coach Tommy Santiago. “She’s not chasing out of the zone.

“There is more of a sequence into how she loads (the bat) and how she times pitchers — we slowed that piece down. So now she is not chasing out of the zone (and) she is a lot calmer with her body.”

Although adjustments are being made, this is not something new for Pierro who, in her senior year at Steinbrenner High School, in Florida, she had a .531 OB percentage.

Something else Pierro has brought to the table this season is her baserunning ability, which she says is one of the best parts of her game.

“I like to be aggressive and read the situation. I feel very in control when I’m baserunning. I feel like if I see something, I can go ahead and get that extra base and push myself.”

Pierro has a history of taking on challenges.

One teacher at Steinbrenner High School likes to tell the story of when she was asked to play goalkeeper on the soccer team and Pierro, who never played soccer before, excelled when given the opportunity.

“I honestly didn’t even really know the rules of soccer. When I tried out, all I knew was like go and catch the ball, so I went, and I actually did alright, so they put me on the team,” said Pierro. “It was a great experience, and I am so glad I did it.”

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Posted: Mar 11 2021 9:10 pm
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