Corrick has eye on the future while embracing challenges in front of her

USF star having another standout year

Georgina Corrick throwing ball towards the plate in game in Florida
Georgina Corrick in action against Florida Atlantic University. The pitcher is on par for another great season with the Bulls  Courtesy USF Softball

Dominance on the mound is something Georgina Corrick has gotten used to, entering her fourth season with the University of South Florida Bulls.

The two-time American Athletic Conference pitcher of the year has been mowing down her competition during her time with the Bulls sporting a 56-21 record with a 1.48 ERA over her college career.

Despite the praise she gets from her peers and the records she has broken, Corrick wants to keep elevating her game and helping her team in the process. 

“My dad always told me ‘You’re never going to be the best, someone’s always going to be better than you, but you can always strive to be that person,’” said Corrick, on an internet interview.

“And that’s something I’ve really taken to heart coming to college, regardless how good the awards that people give you, or how much people look up to you, there’s always going to someone a little bit better than you at something.” 

The pitcher’s name will be remembered among softball greats at the university such as Sara Nevins, and Monica Triner, and there’s a belief that she could have success upon leaving USF.

With all NCAA players being granted an extra year of eligibility due to last season being cut short by Covid, Corrick’s future after college isn’t a pressing matter at the moment. She has had thoughts on what she wanted to do if given the opportunity to play pro.

“I never want to hedge my bets on something that’s definitely a difficult achievement, but I’d love to be drafted here for (pro ball) but also I‘m super passionate about travel,” she said. “I’ve loved playing for (Team Great Britain) for the last five to six years. 

“There’s so many opportunities over there (in Europe) to not only travel and play the sport that I love, and that’s definitely at the forefront of my mind upon graduation.”

Despite Corrick’s exceptional pitching talent, she also wants to make a difference off the field as well as she’s finishing up her degree in Marine Biology over the next few years.

“As much as I want to make a difference on the field I also want to make a huge difference in the world and I feel like conservation and environmentalism is definitely my niche and I have a lot of efforts in front of me.”

Corrick went up against the US National team this past weekend, battling against the superstar roster giving up four runs on six hits in a combined six innings of work.

She only sees positives from facing great teams as it gives her a chance to grow and get better as a pitcher.

“I think you’re never going to get better unless you throw against teams that are better than you,” Corrick said, prior to the series over the weekend. “I want to go out and beat the big names teams.

“I was super excited to go out and pitch against (No. 2-ranked) Arizona, and I’m ecstatic to throw against the USA.” 

Corrick is due to return this weekend as USF will start a three-game set with the North Dakota Fighting Hawks.

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Posted: Mar 15 2021 9:39 pm
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