Socially distanced date ideas for spring weather

Couple hanging out in Kensington market, a perfect date idea
Dating weather is back as a couple holds hands on their walk in Kensington Market. Kai Gammage/Toronto Observer

This has not exactly been an easy year for dating in the city. A year under lockdown due to a global pandemic, coupled with another classic Toronto winter season, has made the conditions for dating rather unbearable. Socially distanced walks are cute, but not when your mask can’t protect you from a -12 C degree windchill. 

But cuffing season is over now. It’s starting to get nicer out there, and some restrictions have been lifted by governments. It might be the right time to schedule that date with the person you’ve been talking to on Tinder these past few months.

Reaching out remotely

The best options in this current state of affairs remain staying home and staying safe. Hopping on Zoom calls, using the Netflix Teleparty app to watch movies together, ordering the same take out — all great options to have a shared experience without having to meet in person. 

“My favourite Zoom date idea has been hopping on Buzzfeed or Clickhole quizzes with my Tinder date, and learning more about each other that way,” said Monica Dos Santos, a young adult trying her luck on dating apps. “I’m not going to let someone into my bubble if they get Liam on their ‘which One Direction member are you’ quiz.”

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of galleries, museums, and even aquariums have taken off during the pandemic, offering patrons a way to see exhibitions from the comfort of their own home. Ripley’s aquarium downtown offers a virtual experience, including a more behind-the-scenes look than an in-person visit.

But many have grown fatigued with the lack of interaction that comes with those experiences.

“Something is lost when you look at fish through a screen. It’s like putting on the fireplace channel because you live in a condo and don’t have a chimney” said Dos Santos.

Though once you’ve gotten to know someone this way, and the spark has felt genuine, maybe it’s time to take that next step. While we advise you to stay safe, there are numerous ways especially in a city as open and green as this one, to have that all important in person meeting.

Toronto has some amazing green space, with ample amounts of space for you and your date to leave some room for responsibility’s sake. And though it’s become a buzzword as of late, socially distanced walks are a pretty solid option. Here’s a couple great spots around the city.

UofT Campus

A couple walking through the arches near U of T back campus.

UofT’s St. George campus is right at the heart of the city, but not many cars actually make their way through the school grounds. That lends itself to a rather quiet walk. As the trees as campus start to spring over the coming weeks and months, the old bricks of buildings like Hart House make a nice contrast with the ample greenery that the area offers. Because of how downtown the campus is, there are enough coffee and food spots to keep anyone happy.


Though the wind does beat down somewhat harder the closer you get to the water, the views of the lake are some of the best the city has to offer. The area surrounding Harbourfront’s boardwalk has acclimated itself towards pedestrians, taking up most of the space that was once reserved for cars. With attractions like Sugar Beach, the Music Garden, and bike trails spanning as far as the eye can see, this area is great for socially distanced walks, as well as socially distanced e-scooter rides.

Distillery District

Now that patios have reopened in the GTA, the Distillery’s full intrigue has come to light. The historical district’s emphasis on brick layered streets and buildings gives it a more romantic aura than most other neighbourhoods in the city. It’s also home to a beer garden in case that’s the idea for a fun date. The area has catered to lovebirds, so why not take full advantage of that.

A picnic in the park

A couple sharing a meal at the park.

Pick up some vino, some charcuterie, a fresh loaf from your favourite bakery, maybe some grapes if you’re trying to be healthy, and pack a tupperware with your famous homemade hummus. Toronto’s parks can be pretty great for sharing a meal six feet apart. Sit by Grenadier pond in High Park, kick it with the hipsters in Trinity Bellwoods, or hope for a warm day and hit the beach. The city is full of patches of grass perfect to sprawl out on with your date. Solid option for showing off a classy taste in picnic snacks.

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