Christmas tree supply shortage continues as demand skyrockets

Climate change and inventory issues have Ontarians scrambling to find trees

Chistmas Tree centre
Christmas Tree Garden centre at 368 Davenport Rd. still has trees on Dec. 3. Photo taken by: Felipe calderon

Finding the perfect Christmas tree to lug home and decorate might not be so easy this holiday season.

“You may still be able to find Christmas trees, whether artificial or real, but it will be quite challenging to get the right size or kind that you want,” said Taylor Edwards, CEO of Anga’s Farm & Nursery in Etobicoke.

Climate change has been a leading factor when it comes to tree shortages across Canada this year. Now, the farmers and vendors in the Christmas tree industry are concerned that low inventory and supply shortages could become the norm every holiday season.

“Weather and supply chain issues are truly hampering the business,” Edwards said. “Floods, heat waves, wildfires and smoke from those fires have greatly affected Ontario farmers, as well as farmers across Canada.”

According to Edwards, consumers this year should expect to see an increase in prices due to the high cost of transportation and a surprising increase in demand.

“The value of trees is rising significantly and that’s in part because we’re running out of them,” he said, adding that this year he’s forced to pass on a $25 increase per tree to consumers.

The Toronto Beaches Lions Club has been serving the Beaches community annually during the Christmas season since 1992. Through the sale of Christmas trees the club has been looking for a way to stay connected and raise money for the community.

“The demand this year is going to be high,” said Steve Watson, co-founder of the Toronto Beaches Lions annual Christmas Tree Sale. “I think, from a consumer side, folks shouldn’t wait.”

Climate change is affecting all agriculture and in different ways, Watson said. “Low inventory is becoming an issue every holiday season.”

Having this expectation of high demand and low supply, Watson and the Lions also say they have made a bigger effort than ever this year to make sure their loyal customers can find that perfect tree.

“We have worked very hard to ensure a wide supply of high-quality trees, we have a loyal customer base and they can not be disappointed,” Watson said.

Even this early into December trees are disappearing quickly, so you’re planning to get a tree this year, go now.

Check out these locations for your tree shopping needs:

Anga’s Farm & Nursery – 89 Bankfield Dr, Etobicoke

Toronto Beaches Lions Club – Woodbine and Lakeshore East Avenues, Toronto

The Real Tree Christmas Tree Co. – 2681 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Evergreen Garden Market – 550,Bayview Ave, Toronto

Tom’s Dairy Freeze – 630 the Queensway, Etobicoke

Davenport Garden Centre – 368 Davenport Rd, Toronto

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