Dirt bike company steps up to help vehicles stuck in major snowstorm

Snow problem? It’s no problem for this dirt bike company

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An Evoque pickup truck pulls Jag Singh's RoadStar transport truck out of the Jan. 17 snowstorm. 

The City of Toronto declared a “major snowstorm condition” on Jan. 17 that left many city streets unplowed and vehicles stuck in the snow. Nevertheless, a Good Samaritan took the initiative to help people who were stuck make it home.

Jay Singh, CEO of Toronto dirt bike company EvoqueCA, said he was on his way to help a friend out and noticed many cars stuck in the snow. He used power straps he keeps in his company pickup truck to haul them out.

“Anyone I saw who was stuck, I wanted to help them out,” Jay Singh said.

 He said he helped out free of charge after seeing tow trucks requiring people to pay for their services. “It’s easier for people rather than having to pay money that I just do the deed.”

Jay Singh then ran into a RoadStar Trucking transport truck driver, Jag Singh (unrelated), stuck on a bridge near 401 and Mavis, and hauled him out, too.

Because of a shortage of city tow trucks, Jag Singh said CAA told him they would not be able to get to him for at least an hour.

“I was very overwhelmed but, when these guys came to help me out, I became super relieved,” he said. 

Jay Singh advises people travelling in snowstorms to carry a shovel in their car so that they can to dig themselves out if they get stuck or stay on roads that have already been driven over. 

Kelly Nichols, a mechanic and the owner of Kelly Service, an automobile repair shop, said there are ways that people can get out of the snow when they are stuck. Nichols said that turning off the traction control on four-wheel drive vehicles is one thing to try while attempting maneuver out the snow.

“But, if you’re stuck, you’re stuck. Majority of the time, you are going to have to either get pushed or pulled out,” Nichols said. “If there are people around, they can give you a hand.”

Jay Singh said the EvoqueCA team will help people stuck in their vehicles for the next snowstorm. “We will definitely go out again and help anyone who gets stuck in the future.”

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Posted: Jan 20 2022 9:42 pm
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