Toronto police increasing TTC patrol after New York subway shooting

No identifiable threat in Toronto, police say

TTC to increase police presence after increase in violent incidents
The TTC is increasing police presence after concerns were raised about violent incidents. 

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and Toronto Police say there will be an increased police presence on public transit amid safety concerns after a shooting in a subway station in New York on Tuesday that left at least 23 people injured.

In a tweet, Toronto police said that they’re monitoring the “unfolding situation in New York” while “increasing patrols on public transit.”

Toronto police also assure the public “there is no identified threat to the city” but ask riders to remain “vigilant.”

Police also reminded the public to notify officials if they see something suspicious.

No known threat

In a statement, TTC CEO Rick Leary said he was “shocked and saddened by the images of Tuesday morning’s horrendous attack on commuters in New York’s subway system.”

The safety of our customers and employees is his paramount concern, Leary said.

“Although there is no known threat here in Toronto,, TTC Transit special constables and police are increasing their presence in the system to provide reassurance to everyone that the TTC remains safe,” he said.

However, some Toronto subway riders remain cautious and are calling for a permanent solution to increase safety on the TTC.

“There are many troubled, dangerous and aggressive individuals in the subway stations and on the trains harassing passengers,” subway rider Kat MB said. “We need to have TTC security officers on board trains and in stations [and] also have police patrol and surveillance on the TTC.”

Current safety measures

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green addressed general safety concerns in an email.

“Wwe have special constables positioned at the busiest stations in the system throughout the day, stations like Bloor or Kennedy that are very heavy traffic,” he said.

“We have TTC staff who are able to contact transit control or any security concerns,” Green said. “We have a safety app called the safety team app that allows people to report non-emergency incidents.”  

When asked about measure to prevent future incidents, Green said “in order to address crime, you need to address the root causes. Preventing crime is a much larger issue than the TTC.”

TTC operator Carmello Solorio said more enforcement or people checking in on the subways is needed. “It feels like we are very alone when help is needed,” he said.

Green said the TTC is always looking for ways to improve safety and security.

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Posted: Apr 19 2022 9:17 pm
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