A three-round banger to end evening at Montreal boxing gala

James Dean Laderoute shows what real damage his upper cuts can do

James Deam Laderooute and Josh Suico celebrate the fight of the night award together in Montreal at Le Rinque/ Le Montview. (Photo: Nadia Rochefort)  

MONTREAL — James Dean Laderoute showed his opponent how effective his uppercuts were in the main event, 140 lbs weight category at Le Rinque/Le Montview in Montreal, April 23.

This was the first big amateur boxing night since the Pandemic hit.

It was quite the performance put on by boxers James Dean Laderoute and Josh Suico who were the 11th and final fight of a night put on by BoxKo and the Grant Brothers.

“My game plan and strategy going into the fight tonight was to stay composed, stay focused, pick my opportunities and I believe I did that,” said Laderoute, during his post-fight interview. “And I am very proud of myself.”

All three rounds were like rock ’em sock ’em robots that continuously responded to each others attacks.

In the first round, Suico got a few solid jabs right down the middle and Laderoute responded with some hooks and rights. Laderoute executed everything with speed and explosiveness which gave him the advantage.

Suico needed answers to the 21 year old’s speed and power for the second round. It was unanswered prayers all around as The Grant Brothers boxer put on a clinic of upper cuts in the second and third round to take the victory .

“I have never seen him fight the way he did”, said coach Peter zerg.

The main undercard was fought by Etienne Fortaich vs Wolf Nelson in the 150-pound weight class.

Round one, both fighters stayed composed and decided to feel out each others fighting style before opening up on major shots. By the end of the round Fortaich managed to get in a few jab rights and Nelson had connected some hooks.

In the second round the tempo went up drastically.

The Grant Brothers fighter, Fortaich, gave accurate uppercuts and hook-right combinations that helped his scorecard. The Sherbatov fighter on the other had stood his ground as he took a lot of chin shots.

An impressive undescard demonstrating growth from both boxers since they last fought.

“The fighters are going to get getter as they stay in the gym, as they work, as they get experience,” said Otis Grant.

After both boxers reset for the third round it was time to close the fight. Midway through the round Fortaich gave a solid hook which caused Nelson’s mouthpiece to go flying out of his mouth, pausing the fight.

After several heavy shots were thrown both ways with time running out, Fortaich made the most contacts, winning the fight.

Gaetano Pompizzi, Boxko president.

Excitement was in the air as 22 amateur fighters laced up their gloves to put on a show for the 360 fans.

Boxko had quite the show in store for spectators.

The Montreal event company put together with the Grant Brothers its second event for boxing in Quebec. Fans were treated to music, and announcers, food and wine as boxers fought throughout the night.

“We provide these guys with a platform, to get experience, to grow, to become better”, said Otis Grant, who was a previous world title winner. “As long as these guys keep going, keep getting better, keep improving we’re going to try and have that platform to build them up.”

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