WATCH: Ontario’s 4 main political parties at a glance

If Doug Ford was a car, what make and model would he be?

An image of all journalists introducing the parties
Journalists from the Toronto Observer briefly introduce the parties in Ontario. (Cyan Ko/Toronto Observer) 

Still feeling confused about the provincial election, or don’t know who to vote for? We’re here to help.

In order to engage first-time voters in Scarborough, journalism students at Centennial College have launched “Vote On Scarbz,” a project covering the 2022 Ontario provincial election.

We made a video to inform voters who are still struggling with which political party they are going to vote for on June 2.

Our video offers a quick guide to the four main political parties in Ontario and their platforms. Watch as our team answers some of the questions people might ask as first-time voters.

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Posted: Jun 2 2022 9:00 am
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