Latest Eglinton LRT delay frustrates east-end commuters

Line still incomplete after being in the works for more than decade

Construction for the Eglinton LRT
Construction work at Eglinton Station continues for the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT. (Sanjeevan Kandasamy / Toronto Observer) 

With the latest postponement of the already much delayed Eglinton Crosstown LRT, some east-end commuters have shared their displeasure dealing with traffic and construction blockage along the Eglinton corridor.

It’s not so much taking the bus from Eglinton station that causes frustration, it’s having to deal with the traffic,” frequent TTC rider Yasser Khan said.

Khan takes the bus every weekday from the station to his work near Leaside. The traffic from the construction and road closures make the commute a frustrating experience, Khan said.

Commuting is manageable once in a while, but since he relies on the TTC almost every day, the delays can be quite annoying, he said.

Although Khan remains hopeful about the Metrolinx installation, that has been underway for a decade, he is still concerned about the time frame of its construction.

“Honestly, I doubt they’ll be done next year,” Khan said. “There’s a high chance we can be in the same spot for a while.”

TTC buses driving in traffic along the Eglinton corridor (Sanjeevan Kandasamy/Toronto Observer)

“Taking one train will be a far easier commute,” TTC commuter Tony Burian said.

Burian, who commutes east to Kennedy station throughout the week, said taking two trains to Kennedy does not bother him but having a single train will make commuting far simpler.

Burian said he understands the frustrations of others who have been stuck in traffic. He also said riders should be given a proper explanation of why the delays are happening and when they should expect the line to be completed.

“I would be mad as well if I had to ride the bus every day in this area,” Burian said.

Current map of TTC subways and streetcars as shown in a poster on the subway. (Sanjeevan Kandasamy / Toronto Observer)

The line goes from Mount Dennis station east to Kennedy, intersecting both Eglinton stations, running both over and underground. The line was announced in 2011, with 2020 as its opening date. Two years later the line is still incomplete with no clear date.

Metrolinx and TTC

“We know construction has been difficult for commuters, communities, and businesses along the Eglinton corridor,” Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster said in a press release on Sept. 23.

Verster said Crosslinx Transit Solutions, the construction organization for the line, has fallen behind schedule. The press release did not state a new opening date, but it says they are working with the organization to ensure riders have a faster and easier commute.

“We understand there is some inconvenience as the line is built, but it’s temporary,” said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green.

Green said that when the construction does clear, trips will improve.

Even though there may be delays, ultimately, the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT will mean quicker trips for everyone, he said.

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Posted: Oct 3 2022 4:32 pm
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