‘Tonight is a great night for a third term’

John Tory re-elected as Toronto mayor: What will another term look like

Office of Mayor John Tory located in Downtown Toronto, with lit up TORONTO sign infront
Mayor John Tory is back in office at City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square. (Jessica Lopez/Toronto Observer) 

On Oct. 24, John Tory was re-elected Mayor of Toronto for a third term, winning the race with 62 per cent of the votes — more than 342,000 votes.

Second-place candidate Gil Penalosa took 17.9 per cent of the votes, more than 98,000 ballots. 

“Serving as your mayor, in this great city, continues to be an honour of a lifetime,” Tory said during his victory speech at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on Front Street. “I love our city, I love working with the people of this city. That’s why I ran for re-election in the first place.”

This term will add another four years to the eight Tory has already served as mayor. Completing his full term make Tory one of the longest-running political figures in the city.

His victory has sparked questions about what Tory plans to do over the next four years differently from his previous terms.

‘Big things’ planned for last term

His speech included working on “unfinished business” that he had yet to complete from his previous terms. He said, “We’re going to continue working with the provincial and federal government to get the big things done.”

Some of the “big things” he mentioned were affordable housing in Toronto and finishing major subway infrastructures, such as the Eglinton East-Scarborough LRT and the waterfront transportation lines. 

“I hope that he takes more interest in minority interests, like the Toronto Police service and how they delegate resolutions between the BIPOC community,” said Eryn Campbell, 32, a regular voter interviewed outside the hall.

“I think it would be a continuation, of his vision, and the plan that he has,” said another voter, Mark, 42, who wouldn’t give his last name. “I think that climate change, transportation and building onto the TTC, and I guess sorting out the city’s finances, should be at the top of the list.”  

According to the CBC, John Tory will focus on affordable housing, public transportation, and filling in the $1-billion budget hole for the 2022 budget.

“We will continue at that time to be recognized and admired for actually creating and maintaining a more inclusive and respectful city,” Tory said near the end of his victory celebration. “That is what I’ll be proud to call a successful next four years and what I’ll be continuing to work hard as your mayor.”

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Posted: Nov 1 2022 7:50 pm
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