Jamarcus Lyons finds peace in a year of decision

Outfielder may leave baseball without a championship

Jamarcus Lyons holds his bat in front of the Tampa University Spartans logo behind home plate.
Senior and outfielder Jamarcus Lyons takes a sunny breather. (Michael J. Collins/Toronto Observer) 

TAMPA, Fla. – With a decision looming at the end of the Tampa University outfielder Jamarcus Lyons’ senior year, he has found peace with his role on the team.

At the end of the year, the communications major will have to decide to stick with baseball after college or leave the sport he loves.

Meanwhile, the three-year Spartans veteran has found himself in the position of mentor and comedian.

“I’m kind of a jokester, I make everybody laugh too much,” Lyons said, on the field before practice this week. “But you know I just try to help the younger guys.

“Sometimes I tell them some of the decisions, like helping them out a little, but you know I just kind of keep everybody laughing and keep everybody happy.”

Despite never winning a college championship, the power hitter has always kept his teammates smiling.

Lyons’ positive outlook on life is a reflection of his belief in a higher purpose.

“I have more of a religious view on this year,” he said. “I know after this year I have a decision to make, whether I play or if I want to stop it because I graduate this year.

“Whether I want to move on from baseball, but whatever God has planned for me, I’m ready.”

That might be the left fielder’s biggest impact on his outlook on life. The slugger often reminds himself and his teammates to stay grounded.

Lyons found tranquility in his final season by viewing the bigger picture of life and remembering that not every day is promised.

“Be happy every day. Every day is a new day. You can’t take yesterday with you,” Lyons said. “Your life can change in an instant. You never dwell on something that you don’t have control of.”

The Tampa native’s largest motivation will be winning his first championship, but if he ultimately falls short, he’ll still have a smile on his face.

“Live a minute at a time and when you do you’ll be happy,” Lyons said. “Keep pushing forward and always keep a smile on your face.”

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Posted: Mar 21 2023 7:12 pm
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