Vivian Ponn ready for life after USF softball

Senior is newly engaged and employed all before graduating

Vivian Ponn USF Softball Player

TAMPA, Fla. – Vivian Ponn already has her post-college life planned out.

The utility player for the USF Bulls will be getting married and starting her career right after graduation. 

Ponn spoke about how she came into college with an idea of what she wanted to pursue professionally after her time at the University of South Florida.

“I kind of already knew what I wanted to do,” said Ponn at the USF softball facility. “Prior to coming into college … I knew I wanted to be in sales and actually accepted a job in July, so I’m really excited.” 

This is not always the case though as many student athletes commonly put all their focus on their sport and miss out on the opportunity to gain good academic experience. Ponn explained how her now fiance, who was a USF baseball player, was a good example as he was able to succeed at both. 

“My fiance actually played baseball here. And he graduated, got his degree and was drafted to the Cleveland Guardians,” says the Fort Meyers native. “He was always focused on yes, baseball was number one for him, because he wanted to play at that next level, but he always kept grades a priority.”

Ponn demonstrating her starting position as a hitter

Ponn and her soon-to-be husband met at the university in freshman year and their friendship quickly progressed into more as they got to know each other better. 

“We met at Summer B (a program set up by USF to help freshmen students transition into the new environment and make friends),” Ponn said. “We were friends. And then we kind of started talking a little bit more and then, you know, our relationship took off from there.” 

Three years post first year and they were ready to say “I do.” 

When Ponn reminisced on how they got engaged this past December she lit up. Her then boyfriend Jack had arrived back in Tampa after being on the road for a few months and thought it was the perfect time. 

They plan on making Tampa their home base as they’re both originally from Florida, the city is a great place to train in the off-season and Vivian’s new job is here.

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Posted: Mar 22 2023 7:02 pm
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