East York Baseball League preparing for new season

Precautions against COVID no longer prominent

East York baseball uniform
A 2023 East York baseball uniform. 

The Major League Baseball season starting up March 30 signals to baseball leagues everywhere that their new season is fast approaching.

This is no different for the East York Baseball Association.

Its house league opening day is scheduled for May 26, with the season running until closing day Aug. 26.

Games take place at Stan Wadlow Park on Cosburn Avenue and its massive baseball facillity.

With thousands of kids, age 6–18, signing up to play baseball this summer, the preparation that goes into the season is hard work.

Thousands of uniforms have to be ordered. Grounds crew have to prep all seven baseball diamonds. And on top of scheduling the season of games, umpires have to be hired and four separate coaches have to be appointed for each team.

With thousand of kids playing ball together, there’s also a potential problem with COVID-19. Kids are a germ factory and, with the first half of the league coinciding with school, some parents may be concerned.

East York Baseball’s website features a COVID-19 Q&A that dates back to 2020 but it is not to be found on the main page.

“I am not too concerned with COVID,” said Port Hope Flyers player Jordan Dickie, 20. “Baseball is a sport where there is not much contact outside of the dugout.”

But ,as in all sports, participants do get close to each other and to their teammates.

“I do expect people to be responsible and inform others if they get COVID,” Dickie said. “In terms of preparation it is hard to prepare for the issue of COVID as anyone can get it at anytime.”

With the Ontario government having very few mandates when it comes to COVID-19, parents and kids will be left to decide whether they take any precautions.

East York baseball has not announced they are taking any precautions with COVID-19 for this upcoming season.

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Posted: Mar 29 2023 6:48 pm
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