Ice Cube visits Oshawa during Straight into Canada tour

Ice Cube shows love to Oshawa during his latest tour

It was a good day when American rapper, actor, and film producer Ice Cube hit the stage in Oshawa’s Tribute Community Centre on May 9.

Ice Cube raps in the mic wearing a "West Coast Warlord" shirt.
At 54 years old, Ice Cube is still performing live music and says he has no plans to quit. (Christian Zdravko/Toronto Observer)

O’Shea Jackson Sr., a.k.a. Ice Cube, included Xzibit, Merkules, DJ Kav, and Peter Jackson in the show.

Xzibit performed alongside Cube during the shows. Xzibit is an American rapper, actor, and radio personality. He has worked with other big names such as Eminem and Dr. Dre.

The tour hit spots around Canada from Victoria, to Calgary, to Ottawa, to Quebec City and more.

Ice Cube performs alongside Xzibit.
Ice Cube and Xzibit perform together for the crowd in Oshawa, Ont. (Christian Zdravko/Toronto Observer)

Cube performed some of his most famous songs, includng It Was A Good Day, Check Yo Self and You Can Do It. He paid tribute to N.W.A. with some of the group’s hit songs like Straight Outta Compton, but did not play one of the group’s most controversial songs, F**k Tha Police.

Fans in Oshawa enjoy performance.
Oshawa fans gather close to the stage to enjoy Ice Cube’s performance. (Christian Zdravko/Toronto Observer)

During the show, Cube paid tribute to former members of N.W.A., including the head of the group, Eazy-E, who died in 1995. Cube says it’s currently “nothing but love” between him and his former bandmates.

But that wasn’t always the case. Ice Cube performed his famous diss track, No Vaseline. He released the song in 1991 on his album, Death Certificate, following his departure from N.W.A. The song was a response to NWA’s 1990 diss track, 100 Miles and Runnin’, which dissed Cube for leaving the band.

Ice Cube raps into the microphone.
Ice Cube raps into the microphone. (Christian Zdravko/Toronto Observer)

Ice Cube proclaims that his rap beef with his former bandmates is the most iconic in history, more so than Drake and Kendrick’s most recent feud.

“They made about five or six songs and none of them add up to No Vaseline,” says Cube about the two rapper’s latest diss tracks.

In the same week, one of Drake’s security guards was shot in front of his mansion in the Bridle Path neighbourhood of Toronto.

“Here’s why No Vaseline is the best. You got one MC, myself. I took out four motherf**kers and a manager. You can’t beat that,” Ice Cube told the crowd.

Ice Cube plans to tour again starting May 26 in California, up until Oct. 19 in Arizona.

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