Sports and discipline were steps towards independence for this 21-year-old homeowner

Student real estate investor offers some tips and advice on the road to adulthood

Adarsh Patel volleying a volleyball
Adarsh Patel practices volleyball at a park in Keswick Ont., on May 30, 2024. (Alexia Koutlemanis/Toronto Observer)  

Adarsh Patel, 21, credits playing sports with helping him achieve a major life goal: purchasing properties in both Toronto and Seattle, and achieving independence.

Patel, a student from Scarborough, is currently at Humber College in the business administration program. He is also employed as a consultant for a company located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Playing sports has taught Patel to “adhere to a strict schedule,” helping him manage his time effectively and practice self-discipline — important skills when managing two residences.

Patel has enjoyed being athletic since he started playing sports at age six. He currently plays professional volleyball for Toronto Sports and Social Club and also plays basketball and cricket.

Purchasing one residence at 21 is amazing, but buying two is impressive. How did he do it? 

Patel is a consultant who also works in recruitment, auditing, and profitability in Toronto. A dedicated worker, he evaluates companies and implements any necessary changes.

He said “it was a little bit of luck and also my skill and talkative nature,” that helped him get to where he is now. 

After meeting his current boss at a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) seminar, he was offered an internship and began working at the company, allowing him to start saving and investing money. 

Adarsh Patel focusing on the volleyball thats in the air
Adarsh Patel practises volleyball at a park in Keswick, Ont., on May 30, 2024. (Alexia Koutlemanis/Toronto Observer)

“I had investing knowledge, and saving knowledge as well. So I saved a lot and earned a lot,” he said. 

Sports not only enhances physical ability, it can teach life lessons, like etiquette, and help you establish a reliable routine, said Riaham Mohammed, one of Patel’s teammates.

Patel’s goal was to become more independent, and his role models often told him that moving out helps you find yourself and become the adult you should be.

“When you buy a new place, it’s like (entering) adulthood,” he said. 

He said change is also a big part of growing into the person you are meant to be.

“For me change is when you actually grow as a person and find opportunities and hobbies that you’re interested in that help you develop as who you want to be,” he said.

He has friends and a relative who are realtors and he credits them for helping him find both places, and easing him into the market.

Drew Alexopoulos is a YouTuber, athlete, trainer, and creator. His page highlights how many athletes follow a strict schedule and routine to succeed.

In one of his videos he talks about the challenges he’s faced during his training and how he overcomes them by having a rigorous schedule and regimen. Alexopoulos tracks everything he does and makes sure that he stays on top of his daily routine.

Patel’s advice for a new homebuyer would be financial planning.

“You never want to buy a house if it makes you go broke completely,” he said. Following a strict financial plan and calculating expenses is crucial.

Ten years from now, Patel said he hopes to be married, with or without kids, and still playing volleyball. He aims to be financially stable, own a home, travel the world with family and friends, and pursue new interests while flourishing as an adult. 

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