Articles by Amanda Gibb

Shopping at 4 a.m.: no lines, no hassle, no problem

Taylor Trudel, 23, walks along the produce aisle, her black shopping basket swinging lazily at her side. The voice of Canadian singer Bryan Adams floats down softly from the speakers, not quite loud enough to drown out the buzzing of the fluorescent lights. Trudel reaches her hand under the spraying mist of the produce shelf and carefully places some lettuce in her basket.

Cat colony caretakers help provide for Toronto’s 100,000 homeless cats

As Bob McCreary’s car comes to a halt, a horde of cats emerge from the wooden structures tucked in the corner of the parking lot. He goes to the trunk to get a jug of water and crack open another can of cat food. Some of them are waiting patiently a few feet away. Some of them weave in and around his legs, waiting for a nice meal—and maybe a scratch behind the ears.