Articles by Amil Delic

Kops on the Danforth

“The thing that Kops has over other places is that they have a massive 45 (RPM) collection that most record stores don’t have at all,” said Pop and Rock Exclaim Editor, Ian Gormley. “They have walls and walls of 45s. It’s a very specific niche market that’s underserved in the city. They do have new records, but they do focus on older stuff. They have definitely carved out a niche for themselves in that sense.”

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Volunteers gives youth a chance to lace on the blades

When the children from Saint Brigid Catholic School line up in the hallway at the East York Arena, they can thank Angelo Moutoulas for the day’s winter class skating trip. “I love the community. I love being at the rink,” Moutoulas said. “Whenever you can do something positive, do it.” For several years now, Angelo Moutoulas and his son George, at The Real Edge Pro Shop, have volunteered their time and talent to Saint Brigid as skate-sharpeners.

TTC bus

No snow tires on TTC buses: Riders at risk?

Imagine being on your way somewhere and the TTC bus you’re in is not moving, because it can’t get up the hill in the snow. That is exactly what happened to many passengers on Monday February 2, when at least one bus on York Mills Road east of Yonge Street was struggling to get up the hill, due to the 22 centimetres of snow that walloped Southern Ontario overnight Sunday and into the morning commute. The TTC buses do not use snow tires.