Articles by Bianca Quijano

Ontario launches Be Alert, Be Seen campaign

According to Steven Del Duca, Ontario Minister of Transportation, 40 per cent of road accidents involve pedestrian injuries. Pedestrians also represent approximately 19 per cent of motor vehicle fatalities.

sign indicating LSAT in session

Succeed in the LSAT: Prep courses or solo study?

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a key hurdle for anyone who wants to apply to a North American law school, and is just the first step in an anxiety ridden and expensive few months for tens of thousands of young Canadians every year. Many students take formal preparatory courses, shelling out hundreds of dollars to do so. There are so many private prep courses, public information sessions and study options, how can prospective Canadian students know which is the best path towards acing the LSAT?

East York trustees: Democracy trumps dollars

Byelections are notorious for low voter turnout. And the board expects costs for the “scaled-down” election will be in the $350,000-$400,000 range. The most recent byelection held by the TDSB was this past January, when Neethan Shan replaced elected Shaun Chen in Ward 21/Scarborough-Rouge. Chen had been elected to Parliament in the fall federal election. That vote cost $250,000.

Toronto braces for major winter storm

A major winter storm is expected to hit the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario and parts of Southern Quebec today, according to Environment Canada. Toronto is ready for it.