Articles by Bradley Dobson

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Hospital offers mental health care to stressed staff

It’s what an average day looks like when Laura Istanboulian goes to work.

“You could be assisting a patient who is suffering from delusions, and in the bed beside you another patient is dying,” she said. “You have phones ringing off the hook, and might not even have eaten lunch that day.”

Istanboulian works as a nurse practitioner in the Acute Respiratory Unit at Michael Garron (formerly Toronto East General) Hospital.

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Top three bars to visit over Reading Week

With reading week just beginning, many students may find themselves with a loss of what to do with all their free time. Toronto is home to a variety of different bars, and here’s a list of the top three that students might want to visit on their time off.

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Queen’s instructor recalls deployment to Afghanistan

As a civilian in Canada, Hans Christian Breede teaches. As a soldier in Afghanistan, he became a student again. “We were in awe at how (Afghans) live without all the creature comforts we here in Canada are so used to,” he said. In Kingston, Breede works at Queen’s University as an assistant professor of political studies. From September 2008 until the end of March 2009, Major Breede was deployed in Afghanistan serving with the Force Protection Company of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team.