Articles by Bria John

Danforth East Mural

The G-Word on Danforth East: Who has a say in gentrification?

Gentrification. Most people agree it’s a loaded word. Depending on where you sit on the property ladder, it could mean enjoying the boon of higher property values, or the fear of being displaced by them. The latest neighbourhood in Toronto’s east end to see this kind of change is the strip of the Danforth from Greenwood Avenue to Main Street, sometimes referred to as Danforth East.

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PEERS in need are peers indeed

“I was so overwhelmed by the news and futility that I felt useless as a person, and there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can absorb the news because at the very least I can help one family,” said Marjorie Chan, one of the core members.

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College to partner with industry professionals

College grads today need skills beyond what’s taught in the classroom to make it in the new economy, a problem Centennial College is trying to address — starting with its inaugural Industry Night held Nov. 12 to encourage industry professionals to shape the 26 programs at its Story Arts Centre on Carlaw Avenue.

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Toronto police warn East Yorkers of new phone scam

“Hi Grandpa.” “Billy is that you?” “Yeah, listen I need help but don’t tell mom and dad.” That’s the typical script of the grandparent scam. Grandparents, believing their beloved grandchild is in trouble, then transfer money to scammers electronically. Last Wednesday, Toronto Police Services warned East York residents about this new twist to the scam.