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7 Toronto activities fit for a prince

In a tweet, it was announced that Prince Harry will be visiting Toronto in early May. While the prince will only be visiting a short time, The Observer has rounded up some places he should add to his itinerary.

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Vet recalls days with Scottish Regiment in foreign service

Henry Walls remembers one of his closest brushes with death in 1956, serving with the Royal Scots in the ordnance corps in Hong Kong. One soldier stood at the end of a line making notes based on what bomb experts were saying. Suddenly there was an explosion and two soldiers were blown up.

“I served in East Africa … Bahrain, Kuwait in the ’60s … Hong Kong, Brunei and Singapore,” Walls said. “I’ve done 22 years.”

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Conservative candidate bows to Liberal victory in GTA

In his loss to the incumbent in Scarborough-Guildwood, Monday night, the Conservative challenger acknowledged what had been a national trend. Conservative Chuck Konkel won nearly 27 per cent of votes in the federal election, according to the CBC’s Canada Votes website, but could not overcome Liberal John McKay’s commanding 60 per cent of the balloting.