Articles by Cherry (Changhong) Liu

East York children suffer as Toronto remains child poverty capital

The crowd inside the small office of Thorncliffe food bank is nearly outside the door as it opens for service on Thursday. Zeeshan Modi, food bank co-ordinator, works to put together baskets of food to give to the waiting families — food that they can pick up once a month, but only lasts them a week at most. Toronto continues to be the capital of child poverty in Canada with 27 per cent of all children living in poverty, according to a report released on Nov. 14.

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Toronto markets remain optimistic following Trump victory

Few expected Trump to be elected the president of the United States.
Trump’s lead on Tuesday sent global financial markets into disarray as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by 800 points overnight. But despite the early panic on election night, financial markets quickly bounced back into shape on Wednesday.

House sold before new mortgage rules changes came into effect Oct. 17.

New mortgage rules raising bar

New federal mortgage rules that came into effect on Monday may leave many first-time homebuyers in the dust. The federal government is trying to contain household debt and stabilize Toronto’s overheated housing market by cutting into the homebuyers’ purchasing power.

sign indicating LSAT in session

Succeed in the LSAT: Prep courses or solo study?

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a key hurdle for anyone who wants to apply to a North American law school, and is just the first step in an anxiety ridden and expensive few months for tens of thousands of young Canadians every year. Many students take formal preparatory courses, shelling out hundreds of dollars to do so. There are so many private prep courses, public information sessions and study options, how can prospective Canadian students know which is the best path towards acing the LSAT?

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Talking through mental illness

She thought it was something that only happened to white girls.

But after experiencing debilitating anxiety attacks and falling into a depression, Stacy-Ann Buchanan realized that no one is immune to mental illness — not even members of the black community.

East York celebrates its community activists

“As a child, I remembered seeing letters on the table at my house from various foster children that my parents sponsored,” said Patrick Rocca, the winner of East York’s 2016 Agnes Macphail Award for civic activism. “These kids, mostly from African countries, had nothing. That was one my first memories of how important it is to help those in need.”