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Varsity members of the figure skating team and their coaches at the University of Toronto standing on the ice at the rink.

COVID-19 restrictions heavily affect current and future development, some athletes say

Bringing a pair of skates out of the locker, Keiko Marshall was rejuvenated to be back in the arena. Chuckling during the practice, her tensed emotions were relieved. Even underneath her mask, you could feel her excitement with her bright eyes. As a figure skater, she was not able to appear on the ice for a long time until the start of February.

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Should it be called ‘Lunar New Year’ or ‘Chinese New Year’?

Chinese supermarkets and shops in Toronto are all decked for Chinese New Year, one of the most historical and iconic festivals with traditional decorations and various congratulations, in the midst of the Omicron variant and the anticipated reopening plan. Among the numerous salutations, the one that stands out is, undoubtedly, “Happy Chinese New Year.”