Articles by Jessica McDonald

Gamble Avenue street sign

27 Gamble is getting better

The front steps of the apartment building at 27 Gamble Ave. in East York are crumbling. While residents say that it is not one of the worst buildings in the city, it still has its share of tenant complaints and a history of violations of Toronto municipal licensing and standards bylaws.

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Grads find coping strategies for stress of unemployment

For four years, Michelle Yan handled her stress like most university students did. She sat through classes, listening to professors. She handed in her assignments on time; and she spent long, sleepless nights in her apartment. She was an average student.

Yan always thought that the stress would fade away. But as she walked down the red carpet at her convocation, she was more stressed-out than ever.

“I always assumed my life would get easier after I graduated,” Yan said.

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Park regulars excited at prospect of Don River Valley super park

A local cyclist and avid Toronto-park user believes the proposed Don Valley super park is just what the city needs.

Mayor John Tory announced details Tuesday, during a press conference at the Evergreen Brick Works, regarding the Don River Valley Park. The project, also referred to as a “super park,” will span from the Brick Works south to Lake Ontario and will cover 480 acres.

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Opposition says government plan fails to assist children with autism

The leader of the Progressive Conservatives says the new autism program announced by the Ontario Liberal government will hurt not help Ontario familIes.

On Thursday during question period at Queen’s Park, the government and Opposition parties debated the issue following Monday’s throne speech, in which the government’s policies on children with autism were announced. PC leader Patrick Brown spoke against the government plan.

“This government has put families with children with autism through unimaginable pain,” Brown said.

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Aftermath of Toronto snowstorm a nuisance for waste collectors

Henry Mullet was doing his job, but he says city residents were not doing theirs. “It’s been a good winter so far,” Mullet said, “until last night.” Toronto is dealing with the aftermath of the biggest snowfall this year. According to Environment Canada, the storm dumped 9.4 centimeters overnight Tuesday. But Mullet, who is a waste management collector with 27 years’ experience as a city worker, had more obstacles than usual on his collection route Wednesday.