Articles by Jordan Clarke

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Addi Stewart’s wild ride

“I flip to my story. First paragraph, I don’t recognize any of that. Second paragraph, I don’t recognize any of that…. I think maybe six sentences we’re my sentences,” Stewart said.

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Afghanistan vet goes to brink on battlefield and at home

On March 4, 2009, Canadian soldier David Macdonald pulled ahead of his convoy on its way into Kandahar to ensure that a bridge ahead was safe. Fourteen days later he came out of a coma in a German hospital bed.

“I woke up … (and ) they told me about my injuries. I asked them where my platoon was and they said they were still back in Afghanistan,” MacDonald said. “That was far worse than hearing about any injuries I had.”

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Evergreen chair says Don Valley super park an environmental statement

The chair of a planned new Toronto “super park” says the project arrives at a critical time in the life of the Don Valley region.

Mayor John Tory and representatives of Evergreen Brick Works announced the Don Valley River Park project Tuesday morning at a press conference. The mayor said the project calls for improvements in infrastructure from the Brick Works to Lake Ontario. Private donors will contribute $3.5 million of the $5 million required to launch the project.

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Tributes for Hudak on last day in legislature

A long-time, Liberal MPP and political rival of Progressive Conservative Tim Hudak, on his last day in the legislature, described him as a man who never flip-flopped.

Hudak, who has served Niagara West-Glanbrook constituency since 1995, announced last month he was leaving politics. Elected at age 27, Hudak became PC leader in 2009, but lost provincial elections to the Liberals in both 2011 and 2014. Thursday, in the legislature, Jim Bradley, MPP for St. Catharines for the past 39 years, spoke of Hudak as a man with integrity.

“He didn’t pander to the issue of the day. He didn’t pander to individual interest groups and so on,” Bradley said.

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Aftermath of Toronto snowstorm a nuisance for waste collectors

Henry Mullet was doing his job, but he says city residents were not doing theirs. “It’s been a good winter so far,” Mullet said, “until last night.” Toronto is dealing with the aftermath of the biggest snowfall this year. According to Environment Canada, the storm dumped 9.4 centimeters overnight Tuesday. But Mullet, who is a waste management collector with 27 years’ experience as a city worker, had more obstacles than usual on his collection route Wednesday.