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How mental health plays a role in schools

As Dunbarton High School student Brandon Parker was on his way to his locker, he recalls something he says he’ll never forget. In his sightline was a 16-year-old saw a girl carrying two large kitchen knives, running down the hallway in his direction.

Artist makes old memories come to life

When McClyment was just 10 years old, he recalls his Grade 3 teacher crying as she made the announcement to the class that U.S. president John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. This historical event is what inspired him to draw what was displayed at the David Kaye Gallery located in the heart of Toronto in January.

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Artist captures past life experiences in Toronto exhibit

In 1963, when artist David McClyment was 10 years old, he recalls his Grade 3 teacher crying as she announced to his class that U.S. President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.

“What was going on? My teacher crying?” McClyment remembered thinking.

While it may not have registered when he was 10, McClyment sensed the assassination had significance in his life and his artistic expression.

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Hockey dad wants parents shut out of kids’ locker room

Syd Oliveira is a father and minor hockey league coach. These days, neither is an easy job. Oliveira recalls one incident in which a parent didn’t like the fact that he (Oliveira) had benched his son for playing to aggressively. “In one game, he yelled at me (using a) racial slur; it was very disturbing,” Oliveira said. “He was removed from the association and minor hockey for two years.”