Articles by Kirk Budden

Wild night to start Blue Jays post-season

The Rodgers Centre sold-out 49, 934 strong to witness the 5-2 extra inning win. From the first pitch Marcus Stroman threw to the 11th inning walk-off home run by Edwin Encarnacion, the building was electric.

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TTC pub crawl: unknown, but fun

TTC pub crawl — the concept is simple. There are bars, pubs and taverns close to every subway station along the TTC lines making it easy for commuters to hop off, grab a beer and jump back on the subway over to the next station where they can check out other watering holes and neighbourhoods. The trouble is that most people don’t know it exists.

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Greek football rivalries kick into high gear in Toronto’s Greektown

Zissis Katsoulis is a diehard soccer fan. He had no choice. “When I was at home … I could hear when they scored,” he said. Back in Greece, Katsoulis grew up near the Panathinaikos stadium. “When we would go to the games, you could feel it.” Now living in Canada, Katsoulis follows his favourite time in the Panathinaikos fan club location at Pape and Floyd, in East York. “This … is the heart of Panathinaikos in Toronto,” he said, “17 years we’ve been in this place.”

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Small turnout for park planning

“The greatest challenge is acquiring land, especially in the highly dense areas where we need it the most,” said the city’s Michael Schreiner. “We want to provide access for everyone. Inclusion, access and equity are what this plan is based on.”

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Top 5 craft brew pubs in Toronto

Craft beer is the fastest growing segment of the LCBO going up by almost 30 percent and 290 million dollars in revenue since 2014. This is a list showing the top rated (award winning) craft bars in the downtown Toronto area.