Articles by Mathilde Augustin

Truck driver delivery

If you bought it, a trucker brought it

When you bought your cup of coffee this morning, you probably thanked your barista, maybe even dropped a quarter in their tip jar. But a few hours prior, a trucker spent their night stocking the shop with everything it needs to open up: coffee beans, milk, cups, and even napkins.

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To partner with Africa, German Chancellor Merkel says Europe must be a good listener

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the best way to achieve an equal partnership with Africa is to “keep our mouths shut.” Merkel spoke at the Global Solutions Summit, a policy forum, in Berlin Tuesday on multilateralism and international co-operation. When it comes to Africa, she said Europe must stop acting as a parent and instead start listening.

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Climate change on the agenda when leading think tanks meet in Berlin

Climate change is the central issue of our time, says a leading Canadian expert in global affairs.”(Climate change is) the only genuinely existential issue that the global community and G20 face,” says John Kirton, a professor of political science who directs the G20 and G7 research groups at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.