Articles by Michael Linennen

Marchers call for equal rights for people with disabilities

For Ghofran Alyass, her parents need to plead for help to carry her and her chair up the stairs when there are no elevators in the subway station. Accessibility in Toronto still remains a problem as it continues to create inconveniences for people with disability.

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New tenant bylaws may improve living in East York buildings

Effective July 1, 2017, landlords in Toronto are expected to register with the city for the units they rent out, and pay a $10.60 annual fee for each unit. Landlords are also subject to do cleaning, maintenance and implementing security protocols, and must regularly conduct pest inspections. The bylaws will affect over 3,500 buildings across the city.

No plans to introduce exotic cars to police fleet

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt drives a very different vehicle compare to the other front line patrol vehicles we see on the streets. Schmidt drives a Mercedes Sprinter which act as a mobile command unit for police officers to discuss plans and strategies before executing their plans.