Articles by Paula Last

Danforth East Mural

The G-Word on Danforth East: Who has a say in gentrification?

Gentrification. Most people agree it’s a loaded word. Depending on where you sit on the property ladder, it could mean enjoying the boon of higher property values, or the fear of being displaced by them. The latest neighbourhood in Toronto’s east end to see this kind of change is the strip of the Danforth from Greenwood Avenue to Main Street, sometimes referred to as Danforth East.

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Lock it or lose it, top cops say

Lock it or lose it. That’s what the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) wants the public to remember when parking their cars during the holiday season.

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Mosaic honours the history of local indigenous peoples

The loons and the cranes are the chief clans. The deer clan people are loving and nurturing. The marten clan is the warrior, and the bird clan carry spiritual knowledge. Medicine is represented by the bear clan. The turtle and fish are the intellectuals, the planners and educators who share information among clans.

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Toronto-Danforth candidates differ on alternative election formula

How Canadians actually choose their federal government got a full airing at Tuesday night’s all-candidates meeting in the Toronto-Danforth riding. Candidates contesting the riding offered their views about replacing the traditional “first-past-the-post” election with proportional representation. The latter would see percentage divisions in the electorate represented in the House of Commons.

Scarborough man builds a sky-high Twitter following

Rob MacFarlane has been a crane operator for 20 years and a famous photographer for about three months. MacFarlane hadn’t actually thought much about photography before starting his job at the L-Tower. But when he saw Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s brilliant photographs from the International Space Station, it gave him an idea.