Articles by Rose Hetherington

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Watercolour artist captivated by east coast

It took a couple of years, but a local artist’s ship has finally come in.

William Brisland, who creates coastal-inspired artwork, has taken part in the Riverdale Art Show and Sale for the past three years. In all that time, he didn’t sell one of his watercolour paintings.

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A son recalls his father’s wartime survival stories

Around Remembrance Day, Michael Warren’s son recalls his father’s toughest wartime memory in Belgium during the Second World War. “My dad said the Germans knew exactly where they were,” Daniel Warren said. “Sometime during the night, (his father’s unit) started getting bombed and the commanding officer told everybody to ‘Stay in your trenches. Don’t get out.’ In the morning, my dad was the only one alive. He lost 19 of his friends. He said, ‘It’s just pure luck.’”