Articles by Soledad Vega

Randy Bucao

Toronto’s new council: white, again

First-time candidate Randy Bucao never thought the colour of his olive skin was going to be a problem in his campaign during the recent 2014 Toronto municipal election. A mechanical engineer who moved to Canada in 1994, he’s been heavily involved with the city’s Catholic school board, and his Filipino-Canadian organizations in Toronto. Bucao knew he would face a challenge campaigning for a council seat in a heavily ethnic area, Ward 10, York-Centre, but not blatant racism from some residents.

Canvassing gets candidates up close to Toronto electorate

He has been knocking on doors for years. He knows his pitch very well by now. As he approaches one of the doorsteps at Roxton Road, in Little Italy, he gently knocks on a door and patiently waits for someone to open the door. “Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you,” he said. “My name is Mike Layton, I’m running to be your city councillor. I’m just coming by to say hello and see if there are any issues on your mind.”

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‘My situation is not stable,’ says applicant denied twice by city’s Housing Stabilization Fund

As she gets ready for her day, Kiley May Longboat puts away the blankets of her makeshift bed in a corner of the cold, empty room. An old chair, two bags of clothes and some books lying on the floor are all that she owns. “Everything I got is from the garbage,” she said. After fleeing from domestic violence and living in shelters for some time, Longboat, 31, found a room for rent she can afford. She now lives on the top floor of a shared house with no heating in Kensington Market.

Music lives at Regent Park

Regent Park School of Music is not the average school. The tuition is one dollar a lesson, and yet the students get to perform with legendary artists such as Roger Waters, Pharrell Williams and Broken…