Articles by Stephanie Hinds

Beware of ‘super lice’

With winter on the horizon, students are being reminded not to share their hats and jackets. But recently these suggestions are being delivered with some creepier news: Head lice is stronger and more resilient than ever.

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Rob Ford vs. John Tory: One year later

With the one-year anniversary of John Tory being elected Toronto’s mayor upon us, inevitably, comparisons between him and former leader Rob Ford are being made.
Tory built his campaign on city unification, upgrading transit and housing and ending the “circus” at city hall, while Ford wanted to improve the TTC and bring more transparency to city council.
With such differing agendas, how do the two compare?

Liberal sweep across Toronto

The Liberals painted the town red last Monday night in the 2015 federal election. Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister of Canada, leading the Liberal party to their first victory since 2004. “Canadians from all…