Articles by Steve Morales

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Toronto school board swallows tough cuts

The Toronto district school board has avoided provincial intervention after passing a controversial budget vote. After an emotionally charged six-hour debate, the board voted to slash its $84.5-million deficit with a series of cuts and…

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The high cost of cheap movies

Mike Barwick is a big movie buff. He owns about 250 movies, and buys a new one about once a week. Recently, on a stroll through Toronto’s Chinatown, he bought a brand-new copy of “Poseidon”…

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The Bystander Effect

Imagine a city. A big, bustling, friendly city. A city that Reader’s Digest ranked in its top three “most courteous” cities in the world. Now imagine a city where a 17-year-old is stripped to his underwear, brutally beaten and fatally stabbed in front of dozens of witnesses.