Articles by Zaid Noorsumar

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Main-Danforth transit hub a priority: Arthur Potts

Liberal MPP Arthur Potts is focusing on developing the Main-Danforth intersection as a transit and tourism hub as he prepares for the next provincial elections. First time Conservative candidate Sarah Mallo and a yet-to-be elected NDP candidate will be his main challengers.

York University to divest arms stocks

York urged to drop fossil fuel, arms stocks

Based on the support from community representatives, York University’s advisory committee on investment is recommending the institute to divest from fossil fuels and weapons manufacturers. But will the board of governors listen?

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Film prompts discussion on plight of Syrian refugees

Tasneem Fared, clad in a white bridal dress, tells the story of a horrific night in Syria in the documentary The Bride’s Side. That night, she recalled, she danced away, using music to drown out the sound of exploding bombs, occasionally taking off an earplug to check whether her home had been shelled.

Commuter at train station

Trauma by the tracks

TTC commuters are accustomed to delays on the subway, which are sometimes caused by suicides on the tracks. Though for most commuters the announcement might result in being late for work or school, some have the misfortune of witnessing a suicide. This can translate into either shock or trauma. People suffering in the aftermath of witnessing suicides have found refuge in online forums, with many coalescing on Reddit. The social media forum features posts from witnesses to TTC suicides.