School builds futures for adult students

A half hour before students start lining up for their lunch at the City Adult Learning Centre, O’Shane Campbell starts grilling chicken. He flips them, then coats them with his favourite Caribbean spicy jerk sauce. While the chicken cooks, Campbell prepares dessert for his fellow students. He gets an adrenaline rush when he turns on the valve and allows gas to go through the flex-hoses and into the burner. Co-op teacher Anna Manuel is supervising. “Don’t forget. Do not be monochromatic. We don’t want our food or desserts to be dull. We want some colour,” Manuel said.

Gala invites Toronto cultures to explore new foods

Sarah Bakri recently accomplished something she considered quite courageous. At the annual Middle Eastern gala in Toronto, she tried eating some food she’d never tasted before. The taste of ‘bolma,’ an Iraqi appetizer, made Sarah’s taste buds explode, she said. “I never imagined myself enjoying the taste of new food or even having the courage to do so,” she said. “I guess I was motivated by everyone else doing the same,” she said.

Nutrition awareness arrives with a crunch

Meredith Hayes was riding home from work on the subway when the idea struck her. “I bit into an apple and everybody kind of stopped and looked at me,” she said. “I realized it was actually pretty loud. … All eyes were on this crunchy, loud woman.” The impact of the moment helped Hayes, FoodShare’s schools and nutrition manager, conceive of a way to draw a lot of attention to her program. At precisely 2:30 p.m. on March 12, students, musicians, volunteers and guests gathered in the gymnasium at Our Lady Fatima Catholic School, in Scarborough, to bite into Ontario-grown apples.