Science takes motherhood into the golden years

On Dec. 29, 2006, the BBC broke the story on a 66-year-old women successfully giving birth to twin boys in Barcelona, Spain making her the oldest known birth mother in the world. Identified later as Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara of Spain, the mother and her story drew even more attention when de Lara […]

‘Phishing’ for trouble: Online fraudsters using sophisticated bait

Online fraud is increasing as fraudsters are continuing to use sophisticated ways to hack into customer bank accounts by sending an e mail, this phenomenon is known as phishing. March is Fraud Prevention Month and Canadians need to be aware of the dangers of online fraud. eBay Canada’s online safety expert , Marc Saltzman says […]

Cultural Mosaic shatters ‘boxed’ thinking

André Vashist appeared on stage with his upper body trapped in a green-coloured box. For him to get out of that box, the event’s spectators had to yell the word ‘kaboom’ as loud as possible. Vashist, 22, was able to shatter the box after three intense roars from the audience. ‘Outside the Box’ is the […]