Earth shifting when it comes to women’s rights: Armstrong

Women have been fighting for equal rights for centuries. Some risk their lives every day when they try to reveal the injustice done to other women in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bosnia and Afghanistan. One of these women is journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong.

A little goes a long way

When Anisa made her way across the balance beam at the East York Gymnastics Club, her mother Tabassom Momtaheni was both ecstatic and proud. “It’s great for me,” Anisa’s mother said. “I never thought she was going to walk by herself.” What made this moment so remarkable was that Anisa, 6, had a brain tumour, which affected her balance and co-ordination, and made walking a nearly impossible task. But with a helping hand, Anisa was able to make her way across the beam. That helping hand belonged to Amanda Cyr.

Thorncliffe man recognized with Macphail volunteer award

Somebody was always there for him. That’s why Muhammad Masood Alam has chosen to be there for his East York community. “I was very inspired by my dad’s community work,” Alam said, about his life growing up in Pakistan. “He was always there for people, even in the middle of the night.”

Walking to Ottawa to raise awareness for autism

A new ‘On To Ottawa’ trek is brewing in the home of a Toronto mother. This time, it’s to press the government to pay more attention to autism. Dee Gordon will walk from Etobicoke, where she lives, to Parliament Hill in January in hopes of raising awareness for autism, spurred by her struggles with her […]

Don Stewart

After Japanese torpedo attack, navy vet ‘got bayoneted’ in prison camp

He shouldn’t have come home alive. But then he shouldn’t have enlisted in the first place. At least not when he did. At only 16 years old and underage, Don Stewart tricked his mother into signing a paper that would allow him to join the navy.

Cadets gain education and sense of respect

Moera Hunter wears the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets to help her understand the significance of Nov. 11. “It brings honour,” she said.

Moera, 12, joined the Air Cadets two months ago. During the lead-up to Remembrance Day, she’s been selling poppies for the first time on Pape Avenue in East York even in freezing temperatures and chilling winds.

“I think everyday people … every race, culture, generation, religion, all of them should remember … (those) who have given them all that they have today – the freedom, the ability to walk onto the street,” she said.