Canada Votes 2015

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Canvasser sees job as community commitment

He’s done it municipally. Now Sam Dyson is doing it federally. “Face-to-face interaction with people is by far the most effective way to convey our message,” he said. “Most importantly (we) hear what people are concerned about.” Sam Dyson, 23, is a campaign aide to Liberal candidate Julie Dabrusin (in the Toronto-Danforth riding) in the campaign leading up to the Oct. 19 vote.

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Beaches-East York candidate says he’s his own man

Liberal candidate Nathaniel Erskine-Smith wants to be clear: he is not running to be Justin Trudeau’s voice in Beaches-East York; he is running to be the voice of Beaches-East York to Justin Trudeau. “I got involved because of Justin Trudeau,” Erskine-Smith said, “(because) Trudeau is the only leader of a major party who has committed to bottom-up democracy, not telling candidates what to say or think, but really encouraging us to be strong advocates for our communities.”