New Sunnybrook wing to battle diseases of tomorrow

The CEO of Sunnybrook hospital says its new research wing has remedies that reach far into the future. On Friday Sunnybrook Health Science Centre unveiled its new Centre for Research in Image Guided Therapeutics, or CeRIGT Construction of the $160-million CeRIGT facility started after the Canada Foundation for Innovation awarded Sunnybrook a $75-million grant in 2008. Dr. Barry McLellan, Sunnybrook’s CEO, emphasized that CeRIGT will be introducing technology that will be able to treat incurable diseases in the future. “These new therapies and devices are not just improved versions,” he said. “They will save lives and keep them out of hospitals.”

Ex-Barenaked Ladies member joins mental health awareness campaign

After his drug arrest in Syracuse in 2008, Barenaked Ladies co-founder Steven Page locked himself in the basement for days as media trucks parked outside his home. Then his friends dropped by with a bucket of KFC, some sparkling water, and they played HALO on Xbox together.