Archeologists unearth ugly reminder of War of 1812

“The doctors really didn’t have much to work with, in terms of tools,” said archeologist Dr. Ronald Williamson. “The soldiers would hold a musket ball between their teeth and would be given a dram of whiskey to ease the pain. Then their limb would be sawed off, and sometimes snapped to save time.”

Don’t overlook neighbourhood hockey

There are many hockey leagues spread throughout Toronto, and East York is no different. In this area of Toronto, the E. Y. Hockey Association was established in 1945, and in 1947 it received sponsorship from East York Fire Department and Whisper Watsons Whipper Pack. Before the 1951-1952 season, the East York Arena was operational at 888 Cosburn Ave. The arena was run mostly by East York volunteers.

Toronto East General redefines ‘hospital food’

“Just a simple change like changing the mashed potatoes over to Ontario-fresh mashed potatoes would have a huge impact on the patient clientele,” said Leslie Carson. “We’re basically replacing a frozen entrée type product with a freshly-made Ontario product.”