A living legacy

“They represent probably the largest patient campaign that OneMatch has had,” said John Bromley of the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network. “Her legacy with OneMatch will go as a person whose generosity was up and beyond the actual need for the one person herself. Cathy’s family was always the first one to say that we want to do it on behalf of the other over 900 patients waiting for a transplant.”

Textile art a vital thread in First Nations identity

Models and fashion designers are usually seen on runways in New York and Paris, but on Feb. 29, Centennial College offered a taste of that glitz and glamour, with a First Nations’ twist. J’net Cavanagh, an Indigenous Studies Curriculum Developer and Manager at the Centre for Creative Communications organized the show and contributed some of […]

East Side Players’ hit show concludes this weekend

Joanna Murray-Smith, one of Australia’s leading playwrights, offers her best in this 2002 play, recreating the intricacies and moral quandaries of middle-class life. Director Heather Roberts, with 25 years’ experience both backstage and on stage, handles the nuances of the play with precision and deftness.