Councillor concedes defeat in Osgoode Hall heritage battle

A city councillor says Toronto has lost its battle to stop a barrier-free access project at Osgoode Hall, one of the city’s heritage landmarks. On Tuesday, Kyle Rae said the Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC), the body that manages Osgoode Hall and all other provincially-owned property, was entitled to go ahead with the project, despite the […]

Museum station gets cultural makeover

Lavish suit-and-tie corporate types looked out of place early this afternoon, as many of Toronto’s elite gathered in the dingy underground world of Museum Station. The TTC, along with other city contributors and organizations, finally unveiled the subway station’s newly renovated platform. The Toronto Community Foundation was the major player in Museum Station’s face-lift. It […]

Toronto energy plan promises paybacks

Evelyn Ragolia had been concerned about energy conservation for years ‑ so much so that she recently installed a sky light in her home to take advantage of sun-filled mornings and evenings. Last week mayor David Miller announced that the city of Toronto may be aiding homeowners with energy conservation repairs. This new $36-million incentive […]

Toronto’s fashion week about more than just art

International media have come to Toronto to get a look at Canada’s fashion talent. Toronto played host to L’Oreal Fashion Week in Nathan Phillips Square from Mar. 17 to Mar. 22. This year, both local and international designers were given a venue to showcase their collections throughout 34 shows over the week. The Fashion Design […]

Study links Parkinson’s Disease and pollution

A Toronto physician has made a connection between poor city air quality and the incidence of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Murray Finkelstein, a family physician, at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital was instrumental in conducting a breakthrough study on the affects of air pollution in Toronto and Hamilton. The study showed a distinct connection between a toxin […]

Improv theatre gets the itch for April Fools’ Day

Guerilla theatre got involved with April Fools’ Days as Dundas Square was overrun by scratching performers for half an hour on Tuesday. They call themselves Improv in Toronto. They are a branch of Improv everywhere who perform organized ‘missions’ throughout North America, which have included food court musicals, dancing on the subway and a mass […]

Science takes motherhood into the golden years

On Dec. 29, 2006, the BBC broke the story on a 66-year-old women successfully giving birth to twin boys in Barcelona, Spain making her the oldest known birth mother in the world. Identified later as Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara of Spain, the mother and her story drew even more attention when de Lara […]