Election 2008: Dion still the leader, Rae says

Bob Rae, claiming victory in his Toronto Centre riding Tuesday tonight, remained supportive of Liberal leader, Stephane Dion. In a landslide outcome, the former Ontario premier once again won his federal riding.  Rae’s victory, however, did little to help the Liberal party’s national standings in the new House of Commons.

Election 2008: Parliament must work together, says Layton

Buoyed by his party’s success in Tuesday’s federal election, the New Democratic Party leader has called on the House of Commons to work for all Canadians. The NDP won 37 seats in the House of Commons, eight seats more than the 29 they held when Parliament dissolved in September. Layton spoke at a rally in […]

Election 2008: Harper’s drive for majority stalls in Quebec

Conservative party leader Stephen Harper’s dream of winning enough seats in Quebec to propel him into an early majority government may have fallen short thanks to a stronger than expected showing by the Bloc Quebecois in the province. Poll results published at the Elections Canada website (11 p.m. EST) show the Bloc Quebecois leading with […]

Election 2008: Extended campaigns not a major issue, observers say

An extended campaign season has taken its toll on candidates in Guelph, Ont., according to the riding’s New Democratic campaign director. Candidates in Guelph and two other federal ridings, spent August campaigning for a byelection scheduled for Sept. 8. The general election writ on Sept. 7 effectively cancelled the three byelections, forcing campaigns that had […]

Calls renewed to ban youth from tanning salon

Although having a sun-kissed complexion may seem desirable to some, the dangers associated with artificial tanning are not. Now, Ontario may become the latest province to change its policy on the use of tanning equipment. Last week the Canadian Cancer Society renewed its call for a ban on the use of tanning equipment by anyone […]

Live from the Journalism Department at Centennial College – the 2008 Canadian election

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