Stubborn illiteracy rate is about more than just numbers

Lack of funding is the main reason why the illiteracy rate in Canada is 42 per cent, a rate too high for the country’s own good, say Toronto literacy advocates. “I think the rate is too high and it’s disheartening,” said Jody Lundrigan, communications coordinator for the Ontario Literacy Coalition. “And the lack of funding […]

Liberals roll to victory in Toronto by-elections

The voters of Willowdale and Toronto Centre went to the polls in two of four federal by-elections being held throughout the country last night, each one a race widely thought to be a barometer of Liberal party fortunes should a spring election be triggered in the coming weeks. Bob Rae, former New Democratic premier of […]

Streetknit has the homeless covered

Sadie Lewis continues to help Torontonians in need of warmth this winter. “I was so tired of hearing about people freezing to death on the streets and I thought ‘this is something that I could do’,” she said. Lewis is the founder and president of a non-profit organization called Streetknit. The service provides knitted items […]

Film community fearful of Bill C-10

A controversial bill has people in the Canadian film and television industry playing a waiting game before the Senate decides if it will receive royal assent. “They’re taking the tax grants that Canadian productions apply for,” Ryan Henwood said. “They’re taking the power of who gets grants and who doesn’t and giving it entirely to […]

Residents rally to save observatory

At the end of a one-lane pathway in the countryside of Richmond Hill, a massive white dome-like structure is situated housing the largest optical telescope in Canada. This is the David Dunlop Observatory (DDO), what one person calls GTA’s hidden treasure. The DDO played a vital role in the shocking discovery of the existence of […]


Sun and smiles wash over St. Patrick’s Day parade

With traditional Irish music playing in the background, Irish eyes were smiling in Toronto on Sunday. The 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a sea of green on a sunny afternoon, but there was one float that was happy that their ship had come in. The County Antrim entry was the showstopper as John McCormick […]

Photo by Nikki Cook

Patient patients the big winners in hospital renovations

Scarborough resident Alysha Phalen looks forward to the day when a visit to the hospital won’t take up half a day. Last February she went to the Scarborough Hospital for a minor procedure. “I went for my RhoGAM shot (used to prevent an immune response to Rh positive blood in people with an Rh negative […]

Hardcore surfer takes on Lake Ontario’s winter waves

Instead of sitting at home in front of a warm fireplace with a hot cup of coco during some of Toronto’s recent snowstorms, Toronto police officer Rob DoBias has spent a lot of his time outside checking the wind and surf conditions on Lake Ontario. “You have to have a really good east wind or […]